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Ping - Find Anything Near or Far

The tiny personal locator. Bluetooth for things in the home. GPS, Cellular and a global data plan for unlimited location reports outside or miles away.

Ping + Bluetooth + GPS + Cellular - SOLD OUT

Unlimited range. Find anything next door or miles away. Get peace-of-mind in knowing where your kids, luggage, bikes, cars, drones - even keys and purses - are whenever wherever.

Includes 30-Day Free Data Plan, only $5.99 per month after that, cancel anytime. Free shipping & lifetime warranty. Includes global coverage.

Device + Bluetooth + GPS + Cellular

The unlimited locating device. Unlimited range. Global coverage. Incredibly small and durable. Get a Ping GPS device for only $79.99 with 30-days unlimited global usage when you activate it with the Ping Mobile App for iOS or Android. After that it's only $5.99 per month for unlimited real-time location reports in up to 157 countries, powered by AT&T and partners 2G/3G network.

Full Feature and Specs

  • Global GPS Device that works in 157 Countries
  • Built-in 2G/3G cellular data plan powered by AT&T
  • Super small - 42mm x 42mm x 12.6mm (1.65" x 1.65" x .5")
  • Bluetooth Low Energy with 90 ft (30m) range
  • Rechargable 370 mAh battery
  • Up to 6 weeks standby on a single charge
  • IP6X Waterproof
  • Unlimited real-time location reports
  • Check-in and SOS button push notifications
  • Works with Ping 2.0 Mobile App for iOS and Android

Device + Bluetooth

Ping Home uses Bluetooth, like Tile and other Bluetooth trackers. Bluetooth has a range between 30 - 200ft, making it perfect to find things near you, like keys, wallets, gym bags and purses.

So why Ping Home? It's got crazy battery life - 1.5 years - and the battery is replaceable. Also, we boosted the Bluetooth range, so you can find more nearby.

Ping Home is currently on backorder and will ship around early March, 2019.

Frequently Asked Question

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Why was Ping Home discontinued?

Since we started offering Ping Home, we have sold maybe a dozen, TOTAL. Compare this to thousands of PingGPS devices sold. Why? Well most people realize that having something that only works between 30 - 200' from your phone isn't that useful, so they decide for a few dollars more getting something with global GPS coverage makes sense. If you still need something cheap that only works up to 200' feet from your phone, we recommend Tile.

What's the main difference between the Ping devices?

One device, Ping Home, only has Bluetooth. It's like a Tile (if you've heard of them) but has 1.5 years battery life and can work up to 200 feet from your home (Tile is less on both). Beyond 200 feet from your phone, however, no Bluetooth device can be found. Ping GPS has the same Bluetooth + GPS and Cellular, so like a cell phone we connect to towers and you can find it almost anywhere in the world.

Why do I need to pay a monthly fee for a locating device?

PingGPS is our GPS and cellular advanced locating device. This means, unlike Ping Home or other Bluetooth locating devices, it can be found anywhere there is cell service since it connects to AT&T's cell network just like a phone would. Although most companies don't do a good job telling you this, Bluetooth devices, like Ping Home, Tile and others, only work up to about 100 ft from your phone. After that, they can't connect. PingGPS uses satellites to get the GPS location and then transmits its location via cellular, which is why there is a monthly fee. We need to pay AT&T to use their cell network to send the information, just like you do for your cell phone. With the monthly flex plan, we bundle the device cost AND the data plan into one low fee to make it easy and affordable to use the device for as long (or short) as you need it.

Is there a limit to the number of "location reports" I can receive?

Nope! With the Ping Plan you get unlimited real-time location reports every month.

Do you offer customer support if I need help?

Of course! We have a complete support site with over one hundred articles at and are always available to answer any other questions you might have at

What's the Bluetooth range of Ping?

Like all Bluetooth devices, Ping works between 30 meters (90 feet) and 90 meters (270 feet) depending on obstructions. The more walls, sofas and material in the way, the shorter the range. Both Ping Home and GPS have a buzzer in them to help you locate them when near.

What does "global" mean? Where do you provide cell coverage?

Ping uses cell towers to transmit its location in the 157 "Zone A" countries that AT&T, who powers Ping's cell service, provides. Click here for a complete list.