No more lost keys

yes, it’s that simple.

Meet Ping Home

Ping Home is a super simple , super useful little device.

Attach it to whatever you lose a lot, like your keys, your purse, your gym bag, whatever, and then use your phone to find it.

That’s it. Simple.

It’s like Find My Phone for everything in the house. Cool huh?


Attach It

Stick Ping Home on whatever you need to find

Tap It

Tap on the device you want to find on the Ping App for iPhone or Android

Find It

Ping Home remembers where you last left it, or helps you find it nearby

Is it close?

The Ping app makes it super simple to find something you misplaced. If it’s nearby (within 100 feet or so) of your phone, our app wil let you know and help point you in the right direction. As you get closer, the rings glow brighter. And if you need some extra help, Ping Home can play a melody until found.

Or did ya lose it?

You left something behind at the restaurant (again), didn’t you? No problem, we got your back.

Our app remembers the last known location of your Ping Home devices so you can view it quickly on a map and go back and get it. We’ll even give you directions in case you’re truly lost!

The tech specs

Boosted Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 with 160 ft (60m) range

1.28" square, quarter of an inch thick. (32.5 x 32.5 x 6.22mm)

1.5 years battery life

Replacable battery with low battery notifications

IP6X Waterproof

60 dB piezo buzzer

Last known location reports when the device disconnects from your phone

Works with the Ping 2.0 Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Need something you can find anywhere?

Check out Ping GPS - our global GPS locator with a built-in data plan for finding anyone or anything, anywhere.