Rent A Ping (cool huh?)

Get A Ping For Just


includes FREE shipping both ways and unlimited global use for 30-days
Delivered ready to go in 3-7 working days

    Not ready to commit or only need something for the short-term?  Introducing an entirely new way to get a Ping - the Rent-A-Ping program exclusively from PingGPS.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You pay only $29.95 for a Ping device that includes 30-days of unlimited global data usage valid in 157 countries and powered by the AT&T network.  No additional data plan is required and shipping is always free.
    2. Continue using the device for as long as you want or return it for free to cancel your rental.  After the first 30-days it's only $9.95 per month.  
    3. If you decide you want to purchase it, we'll give you an awesome discount based on how long you've been renting the device*.  



    Ping's rental program will be launching in early 2019.  Sign up to get notified when we launch and save an additional 20% on your first month's rental.




    What happens if I lose the device?

    If you lose the device you will be responsible for the full retail price of $128.00 USD minus 30% of whatever you have already paid.  Please contact customer service immediately if your device, clip or charger is lost or stolen.

    What's included with my Ping?

    All Ping rentals include one device, an integrated global data plan that works in 157 countries, the custom USB charger, belt / bag clip and our free iOS and Android apps.  

    What condition will the Ping be in that I receive?

    All Ping devices will be shipped new or in "like new" condition with minimal wear and tear.  Each device is fully inspected before being sent and includes the custom USB charger, belt / bag clip and our free iOS and Android apps.

    Is there a limit to the number of "location reports" I can receive?

    Nope!  You will have unlimited global use of your device during your rental period with no additional fees.

    What happens to my data after I return the device?

    All data captured by Ping is securely stored in our cloud-based servers powered by Amazon.  Rental data is deleted 90-days after you return your device or earlier at your request.  This gives you enough time to either access the data if you desire after the rental period ends or continue to use the information if you device to rent again or purchase a device.

    Do you offer customer support if I need help?

    Of course!  You can always reach us via email, web or chat.

    What happens if my Ping breaks during the rental period?

    Your rental covers any damages or problems as a result of normal use during your rental period.  If the device is damaged due to user neglect, you will be responsible for the cost of the unit.

    Can you tell me more about this awesome discount if I want to buy it?

    Simple!  If you want to purchase your device you will receive a discount of 30% of the total of your rental payments towards the purchase price quoted when you rented the device.  For example, if the device was listed at $99 retail when you rented and you device to buy it after one year, you would get a $42 discount towards the device.