Dear Friend & Supporter,

During these unprecedented times, I truly hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. I know this has been an extremely difficult period for many and we are all doing what we can to stay healthy and well.

I have a very difficult announcement to make. Over the next few months, we will be suspending all PingGPS related operations. Like many other small companies during these times, we have been unable to find a clear path forward. To be frank, we were already having difficulty finding the resources we required before COVID and were facing difficult challenges from larger competitors as well as changes in the telecom world. I am personally the only person left in this company and have been handling all customer support, tech and partnership issues to try to weather the storm. It simply is not going to be possible.

We know that this is a disappointment to many of you who either backed our campaign early on and never were able to receive a device or who have a device and wish to continue using it.

For those who never received a device, I'm sorry. The cost to produce and certify the device far outweighed what we raised from those who backed us. Those funds were used primarily to finish R&D, handle certification and produce as many units as possible. Like many other crowd-funding ideas before us, we truly tried our best but could not fulfill everyone's needs.

To help out those who still want a GPS solution, we have formed partnerships with two great tech companies in the space - TailIt and GeGo. They both offer wonderful devices and are both offering exclusive discounts for PingGPS customers.

To learn about TailIt's devices, visit and use discount code PING2020 to save 20% and get a free month of data.

To learn about GeGo's device and save 40% of the retail price, visit

For those who are currently subscribed to Ping's data service, I will try to keep the service going as long as I can until the end of the year. After that point, I will cancel and refund all annual and monthly subscriptions on a pro-rata basis. Unfortunately, we cannot refund those who purchased a lifetime subscription. AT&T is changing over their 3G spectrum for 5G, and that is causing some people to lose service, which is outside of our control. If you want to cancel your subscription yourself, you can do that in the app by following these instructions -

In terms of support and further requests, I am simply not going to be able to handle the volume moving forward. I will try, when possible, to respond but please consider this notice of the suspension of our operations.

Thank you again for joining us on this journey and to all of you who backed an idea, a team and vision. Even though we could not make it a reality, I truly appreciate every person I've met along the way.

Warm Regards,


Cofounder - PingGPS