The global GPS locator designed for kids, pets, bikes, luggage – anything that moves.

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What's Different About Ping?

Other GPS Trackers

US-only.  Won't work on International Trips

Short Battery Life

Expensive Monthly Data Plans ($10/mo and up!)

Bluetooth Only Trackers

Limited to finding things with 35 feet of your phone

Ping GPS

Global Range - Find things next door or 3,000 miles away

Includes 2 FREE Months of Data - Only $3.99/mo aftr that.

Can last weeks on a single charge*

Small, Durable & Waterproof

Ping’s small design means you can attach to anything.

Find it Next door or Miles Away

Go beyond Bluetooth trackers, which only work within 35 feet of your phone. Ping works instantly with GPS next door or 3000 miles away.

Designed To Be Used

A rechargeable battery and a device optimized around your needs. Use it on something constantly moving, like a child or pet, and you need to charge it frequently but stick it on luggage, sporting equipment or other important assets that hardly move and it can last months on a single charge.* Low battery notifications that remind you to recharge and where you left it last.

"Ping Me When You Get There"

No matter where life takes you, stay connected with Ping.

Always Up-To-Date

Ping continually updates its location as it moves, so you always know where immediately.

Big Deal, Tiny Package

Ping is the device you have been waiting for.

  • Global Coverage

    True global coverage. Ping works in 157 countries worldwide. 

  • Real-time Locating

    If Ping moves, it reports in.  No need to wait to find what's important.

  • Super Small

    Roughly the size of a man's watch - it's small enough to clip or place on anything that moves.

  • Bluetooth Enabled

    Ping uses GPS + Cell + Bluetooth, like those key trackers n steriods.  You can find it in the drawer or 3,000 miles away.

Includes Unlimited Location Reports for two months!

60 Days Free Data w/ Real Time Reporting

only $3.996 per month after that.
Additional $10 per year fee required for use outside of North America.

Tech Specs

42mm x 42mm x 12mm

370 mAh custom lithium ion

iOS & Android

26 grams

PMMA Silicone & Elastomer Materials

10 meters

What Fans Are Saying

Ping GPS 2.0 and the associated device firmware are an impressive improvement of the initial version. It makes the device far more usable in daily live scenarios! I'm very satisfied

I LOVE the new App! It works great and is just what I've been waiting for. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

I've been wanting something like this for a couple years.. Super excited!

This fantastic update to the PingGPS app provides much improved location info without sacrificing battery life -- even though it is "beta", the app is extremely mature. Josh and his team definitely listen to user feedback in order to evolve and improve the product

A huge improvement, great job!

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