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Tell Me About Ping Home

Ping Home uses Bluetooth, like Tile and other Bluetooth trackers. Bluetooth has a range between 30 - 200ft, making it perfect to find things near you, like keys, wallets, gym bags and purses.

So why Ping Home? It's got crazy battery life - 1.5 years - and the battery is replaceable. Also, we boosted the Bluetooth range, so you can find more nearby.

Oh yeah, it's cheap. Just $25 (or less) one time. Not bad eh?

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Ping Home Specs

  • Boosted Bluetooth Low Energy with 160 ft (60m) range
  • 1.5 years battery life
  • Replacable battery with low battery notifications
  • IP6X Waterproof
  • Last known location reports when the device disconnects from your phone
  • Works with the Ping 2.0 Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • No monthly fees

PingGPS - Designed To Be Outside

Need to be able to find anyone or anything, anywhere?

Where Ping Home is great things you misplace near your phone, PingGPS is for the people, pets and things that wander beyond the phone. Because PingGPS is actually a tiny-little cell phone, with GPS, a cellular data plan from AT&T and the ability to constantly send its location from a mile to thousands of miles away.

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PingGPS Specs

  • Global GPS Device that works in 157 Countries
  • Built-in 2G/3G cellular data plan powered by AT&T
  • Bluetooth Low Energy with 90 ft (30m) range
  • Rechargable 370 mAh battery
  • Up to 6 weeks standby on a single charge
  • IP6X Waterproof
  • Unlimited real-time location reports
  • Works with Ping 2.0 Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Monthly, Yearly and One Time Plans starting at $9.99 / mo
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Bluetooth vs GPS vs Cellular?
Why do some devices have monthly fees?

We can help.

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Clip It, Attach It, Drop It

Put Ping Home or Ping GPS on whatever you need to find

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Tap It

Tap on the device you want to find on the Ping App for iPhone or Android

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Find It

Ping GPS will always display the last known position, next door or miles away. Ping Home remembers where you last left it, or helps you find it nearby